Security guard
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Number of vacancies
Nanning, Guangxi, China
1. Police school graduates and military veterans are preferred, with education background in technical secondary school or above;
2. Obey laws and regulations, honest and public-spirited, good character, and political integrity;
3. Strong sense of responsibility and dedication, and good professional ethics;
4. Willing to accept the working system of “three shifts with four teams” (eight hours each shift, one day off every three days).
Work duties
1. Responsible for visitor registration, inspection of material delivery, etc.
2. Responsible for security inspections, fire prevention, theft prevention and accident prevention;
3. Responsible for fire management of the office building;
4. Responsible for registration and inspection of vehicles entering or exiting the plant, and instruct the parking of the vehicles;
5. Report and handle various urgent matters in time.
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