Cold rolling specialist
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Number of vacancies
Nanning, Guangxi, China
1. Majored in Materials or related fields, bachelor degree or above;
2. 8 years working experience in the field of aluminum alloy cold rolling;
3. Familiar with cold rolling related knowledge, product standards and customer requirements;
4. Familiar with quality engineering technology, quality control and detection and measurement system;
5. Proficient in cold rolling process design, good at solving issues in cold rolling process and product quality.
Work duties
1. Formulate the development plan and promotion plan of cold rolling technology, and organize the implementation;
2. Develop new cold rolling process, establish and improve high-end aluminum alloy preparation technology system;
3. Prepare internal control standards and technical management documents for the cold rolling process, and supervise the implementation;
4. Analyze the cold rolling production process and product quality problems, and supervise the implementation and related rectification;
5. Analyze customer needs and related quality issues, formulate and monitor the implementation of improvement measures.
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