Recruiting talent from all over the world

People are the primary productive force and the most critical factor for the implementation of a company’s development strategies. Adhering to the people-oriented concept, ALG attracts and retains talent with a amiable cultural atmosphere. ALG has built a complete team consisting of R&D, technology, management and marketing talents, in order to achieve the company’s sustainable development.

ALG attracts talent with good salaries and welfare, retains talent with good atmosphere, and motivates talent with smooth career development. With the value-oriented system that takes results and contributions as the evaluation standard, Alan effectively promotes the employees' initiative and creativity, and realizes harmonious unity of employee value and enterprise value.

  • Talent subsidy

    Talent subsidy

    • Living allowance for youth talent
    • Tuition compensation
    • High-level talent certification

    Living allowance for youth talent

    In order to attract the young talent and make them live comfortably, meanwhile reserve a batch of talent for various fields, Nanning municipal government issued a policy to provide living allowance for youth talent who are most needed in the industrial field. The youth talent (under the age of 35), who signs a three-year service agreement with companies of key industries, or companies that participate in major projects in Nanning City, will receive living allowance.

    Tuition compensation

    Graduates from universities of "Double First-Class Initiative" will receive tuition compensation of 8,000Yuan ~ 12,000 Yuan each school year when they sign the agreement with a service period of at least three years.

    High-level talent certification

    Innovative and entrepreneurial talent who work in Nanning City can apply for the title of “High-level Talent” . Once passed the certification, they will receive corresponding talent card, with which they can enjoy housing allowance, and preferential welfare in children's enrollment, medical treatment, etc.

  • Living care

    Living care

    • Insurance & housing fund
    • Additional group commercial insurance (casualty insurance and medical insurance)
    • Festival and birthday gifts
    • Maternity allowance
    • Poverty allowance
    • Hospital allowance
    • Team building activity

    Insurance & housing fund

    ALG pays for the employee’s endowment insurance, medical insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance and housing fund.

    Additional group commercial insurance (casualty insurance and medical insurance)

    ALG also pays an additional insurance for each employee. When an employee is accidentally injured or hospitalized, they can submit an insurance claim and get reimbursement.

    Festival and birthday gifts

    ALG provides holiday gifts to each employee on important traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, and also provide them birthday cake coupons.

    Maternity allowance

    ALG cares much for the female employees and will provide them additional maternity allowance (gifts).

    Poverty allowance

    The company leaders will regularly visit employees living below the poverty line and provide them poverty allowances, so that they can feel the care from the Party organization, and enhance their love for the Party and the country.

    Hospital allowance

    When an employee is hospitalized, he or she will receive hospital allowance or gifts from the company.

    Team building activity

    The company's labour union provides special funds for various departments to carry out a variety of team building activities, so that the company will become more cohesive and competitive.

  • Commuting allowance

    Commuting allowance

    • Meal allowance
    • Traffic and communication allowance
    • Mid-day/night shift allowance
    • Housing allowance
    • High temperature allowance

    Meal allowance

    ALG has a staff canteen which provides nutritious meals for the employees, and every month each employee will get a meal allowance from the company.

    Traffic and communication allowance

    ALG provides traffic and communication allowance to employees of various positions according to certain standards.

    Mid-day/night shift allowance

    ALG provides additional allowance for employees who change to take the mid-day or night shift, to compensate them for their work under the special working conditions.

    Housing allowance

    ALG provides housing allowance for newly recruited graduates and senior talent according to certain standards, to reduce their burden on housing payment.

    High temperature allowance

    ALG strictly abides by related laws and regulations and provide high-temperature allowance to the employees from June to October.

  • Vacations


    • National holiday leave
    • Local holiday leave
    • Paid annual leave
    • Family reunion leave
    • Other paid leave

    National holiday leave

    11 days of statutory holidays in China, including Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Labour Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day.

    Local holiday leave

    Zhuang people's "March 3rd" holiday.

    Paid annual leave

    All the employees enjoy 5-15 days of paid annual leave according to their actual seniority after they have worked in the company for one year.

    Family reunion leave

    Those who meet the conditions will enjoy paid leave to visit their parents/spouses.

    Other paid leave

    Marriage leave, bereavement leave, maternity leave, parental leave, breastfeeding leave, sick leave.

Note: The policy is based on the characteristics of each post, and please refer to the company’s regulations for details.