Care for employee safety and health

Date:2019.07.11 Size

  We have built a management system for environment, health and safety during business operations. Our goal is zero accident, none personal injury, property damage and environmental pollution. We respect the rights and interests of our employees, and care for their safety and health.

  (1) Safety Standardization

  In September 2017, we passed the secondary audit for safety standardization and gained the certificate; we have set up a safety production committee and established various safety production rules and regulations and operating procedures, which guarantees high degree of intrinsic safety of the equipment and facilities and the working environment.

  Certificate of Safety Production Standardization

  (2) Emergency measures

  In November 2016, Alnan released the Emergency Rescue Plan for production safety accidents in accordance with relevant guidelines, and the plan has passed the audit of the safety supervision bureau of the industrial park. Alnan regularly conducts various emergency drills every month/quarter.

  Emergency drill

  Emergency drill

  Emergency drill

  (3) ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy

  This is a set of comprehensive standards for the implementation of environmental management. The certification requires evaluation by a third-party auditor.

  Alnan has passed the ISO14001 environmental standard in 2013.

  ISO18001 certificate