Announcement on Alnan’s change of brand logo

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Announcement on Alnans change of brand logo


Dear customers, friends and partners:

Thank you for your great support to Guangxi Alnan Aluminum Inc.!

In 2019, Guangxi GIG New Materials Group has consolidated the industrial chain of Guangxi Liuzhou Yinhai Aluminium and Hezhou Aluminum Electronics, taking Alnan as a leading company, and builds an advanced manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production, and operation, aiming to serve Chinas major strategic needs and develop core technologies and realize independent supply and control of the materials.

To meet the needs for future development, further improve the companys overall brand image, and publicize the global strategic layout of GIG New Materials Group, Alnan has officially launched its new brand logo.


1. The new brand logo is launched


The company launched the new brand LOGO and will gradually stop using the previous Logo.



1. Interpretation of the new brand logo:


The new brand logo of Alnan consists of two elements, AL  and "G".

AL , as the abbreviation of Aluminum, directly explains the companys aluminum production. The single letter "A" expresses Alnan's determination to forge ahead and innovate, its ambitious target of becoming a leader of the industry, and its wishes for win-win cooperation and efficient collaboration with its business customers. The single letter "L" expresses the rigorous and responsible service principle of Alnan, and its pursuit of transcendence and innovation.

  As an abbreviation of Guangxi, G is more like Yunlei pattern (traditional Chinese pattern of clouds) and zigzag pattern, which not only denotes the company's strategic vision of continuous development, but also expresses its attitude of matching with international standards and win-win with the world.

  The use of green and blue color reflects Alnans vision of environment protection and its inclusive attitude, which also highlights its corporate culture and positioning as a responsible enterprise that longs for continuous growth.

 3. Notice about the new brand logo

From now on, the brand logo on the official website of Guangxi Alnan Aluminum Inc., business cards of Alnan employees, promotional materials, etc. will gradually be replaced with the new Logo, while the previous logo has the same effect as the new LOGO. The change of the brand logo does not mean any change in the company structure or scope of service. If you have any questions, please contact us through email: and we will provide you excellent services!

With 10 years efforts, Alnan has achieved great achievements.

Hereby, Alnan would like to thank all our employees, customers, friends and partners.

We will firmly keep our original aspiration and forge ahead for a better future.                                                                              

Guangxi Alnan Aluminium Inc.

December 31st, 2019