A letter to our customers

Date:2020.02.03 Size

Dear Customer,


With the coronavirus outbreak in China since the Spring Festival, we are all taking various epidemic prevention measures. Alnan also takes epidemic prevention and control as the most important work, to guarantee the health of our employees, normal operation of our company, and fulfill our social responsibility. Under the premise of protecting our employees from the coronavirus, we make the utmost of the synergistic advantages of the whole industrial chain, including alumina, electrolytic aluminum, aluminum casting slabs, and aluminum deep processing, within Guangxi Investment Group, the controlling shareholder of Alnan, to maximally meet the needs of our customers. Thank you for your concern and understanding.


To meet the requirements of epidemic prevention, please follow below notice during business communications:

1. Business communication between the two parties shall be conducted through online communication, i.e. telephone, WeChat and video conferencing. Unless necessary, face-to-face communication shall be minimized.

2. If you really need to visit our company, please understand and follow the requirements of Guangxi and our company during the coronavirus outbreak.


3. Due to regional transportation regulations, shipping in East China, North China and Northeast China is very difficult now.


4. You can communicate with our sales staff according to the epidemic control requirements in your area, so that we can deliver your goods and provide after-sales service for you during this special period.


Please under stand and follow the above notice. Thank you!



Guangxi GIG New Materials Group Alnan Aluminium Inc.


Feburary 3,  2020