The Group holds 2020 annual meeting on principles and theroies

Date:2020.01.14 Size

January 9-10, the Group held the 2020 annual meeting on principles and theroies in the conference room No. 510 of the Research Building. The meeting was presided by General Manager Yang Yunkun. Representatives of each subsidiary made reports at the meeting. Chairman Wei Qiang proposed the strategic development direction of the Group.

The Heads of the industrial chain of Liuzhou Yinhai Aluminium and Hezhou Aluminum Electronics respectively reported the overall operation conditions, current problems and future development thoughts of their company from various perspectives including marketing, production, technology, equipment, capital, and security.

The meeting focused on how to grasp the development direction of the Group in 2020, explored the path of cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and guaranteee of quality and quantity, coordinated the development direction of its seven enterprises in three cities, and discussed related matters like promoting industrial adjustment. Multiple valuable comments and suggestions were raised at the meeting.

Wei Qiang proposed that the seven companies of the Group should strengthen their exchanges, fully exert their expertise and valuable experience, accurately analyze their development direction, stimulate their development momentum and embark on a new journey, with strong technical support and accurate market positioning.