Cold rolling operator (6-roller)
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Number of vacancies
Nanning, Guangxi, China
1. Education background: technical secondary school or above;
2. More than 5 years experience in cold rolling mill operation, with experience as main operator of 6-roller cold rolling mill ;
3. Capable of solving general operation failures, proficient in using thickness gauge, and can accurately monitor the rolling process;
4. Proficient in the main and auxiliary operation of cold rolling mill, and can properly handle abnormal conditions in production;
5. Willing to accept the working system of “three shifts with four teams” (eight hours each shift, one day off every three days).
Work duties
1. Fulfill production tasks according to production plans and work instructions, and can handle abnormal situations;
2. Responsible for the assignment of the production tasks of the work shift and ensure complete handover before and after the shift;
3. Responsible for the setting and adjustment of rolling parameters according to the materials and process requirements;
4. Control the quality of the rolling process, and properly handle the quality problems found;
5. Responsible for the management of roll qualityand acceptance.
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