Quality inspector
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Number of vacancies
Nanning, Guangxi, China
1. Technical secondary school or above education, majored in science and engineering;
2. More than 1 year’s working experience in quality inspection;
3. Meticulous and rigorous, responsible, hard working, good communication skills, and team spirit;
4. Willing to accept the working system of “three shifts with four teams” (eight hours each shift, one day off every three days).
Work duties
1. Responsible for quality inspection and judgment according to requirements on the product batch card;
2. Report the quality inspection results and identify and control the unqualified products in time;
3. Supervise and manage samples and assist in the supervision and improvement of quality management work;
4. Supervise products that meet the storage or shipping conditions and make quality certificates;
5. Participate in the investigation and handling of product quality complaints.
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